Irrigators get dam removal water relief. Some of our dams also are used to store and treat water.

You can help keep the Sacramento River clean and safe by not using plastic and other plastics. Please consider dona카지노 전화 배팅ting to a local, regional or national organization that is fighting to remove chemicals from our water.

What to do if you find a swimming 우리 카지노 더킹pool that has plastic bits in it.

If you know that your water is polluted with some chemical you may want to stop using plastic. Use the following tips to clean and treat your water safely.

Check the expiration date on bottles. Some types of bottled water come with a warning label stating that plastic can contain a toxic chemical called polychlorinated biphenyls (P보라카이 카지노CBs). To find out if your water has PCBs, check out the warning label or contact the company that supplies your drinking water.