A year after horror miscarriage horska gives birth to baby girl in New Zealand

She’s 6 weeks after giving birth to a son in New Zealand

‘We have to say goodbye…I really want to be gone’, she tells her baby

The heartbreaking birth to a baby girl was captured on vi시흥출장마사지 시흥출장안마deo and has been shared across the world.

Lizzy, born in September, has an emotional mother.

She is 6 weeks pregnant, with a twin named John.

The two are named after legendary rock and roll legend John Mayall and his band The Blues Brothers.

A year after the birth, the first couple returned to the US to celebrate the milestone.

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Giving birth: In September, Lizzy, 5, gave birth to a son by CFA. Today she was filmed on a baby monitor at the CFA studio in the US

A baby: The CFA singer, Lizzy, who was born without her right side

After giving birth she stayed with John the entire time, her mum, Kristi Murray, told CNN.

Lizzy’s mum said she gave birth to a healthy, healthy little girl.

The first six months of her life were spent in New Zealand, Kristi said.

The couple lived a typical middle class family with five children and a single parent who worked.

The couple’s relationship was happy and open until her first son was born just over a year ago.

In September, Lizzy gave birth to a son by CFA. Today, it was recorded on a baby monitor in the CFA studio in the United States.

And the couple’s relationship continued with their second son, now 10 weeks old, the video has gone viral – drawing attention to 밤 의 전쟁their situation even before the video was uploaded.

The video, filmed on Tuesday, has been shared around the world – even before they were ever caught on camera.

Kristi told CNN: ‘We just came from visiting [CFA] in New Zealand. We spent three days with them.

‘There’s been such a response that we decided to start taking it to Facebook and we wanted to be as transparent about it as possible and to share it to as many people as possible온라인 바카라.

‘My sister said the day after we were in New Zealand, my brother texted me and said he saw the video and went to see us.

‘He said to me, “How is this going to happen in the US?