Bdo organisers praise crowds behaviour

The festival’s main attraction was Bdo’s live and popular dance sho밤 의 전쟁w, which featured a live performance by Zaha Hadid and a range of other local artists from every area of Singapore.

Festival organisers celebrated Bdo’s huge attendance by inviting more than 1,000 members of the public for a tour of the venue on a boat – in case they ever needed to swim.

They took in a sea of young, hip and stylish faces from all over the area, with visitors sharing their views on Singapore’s cultural and creative history.

The concert came to a close at around 5pm and attendees watched the fireworks go off at 6:30pm.

A crowd of 20,000 fans poured into the venue for the closing night of Bdo, including concertgoers from around th가평출장안마e country who would s온라인바카라pend five hours in a three dimensional model of Singapore’s capital.

The venue itself was full of lights and colourful screens – but there was also a little romance.

Many BDO attendees posted pictures of their bikinis to social media, many looking on with wonder at what they had seen.

Singapore’s youth were among the crowds at Bdo, while locals including young couples from Kallang and Sanya took time out to give flowers to the guests.

Kallang’s local councillor, Goh Tiong Koo, took to Twitter to offer a huge congratulations to fans.

“Great thanks for seeing such a huge & energetic Bdo, I wish the organisers of Bdo will really appreciate the kind words of our local young people,” he wrote on Twitter.

Others were not so kind.

Dana Cheng wrote on Twitter that the venue was ‘full of trash’.

“It’s too much of a mess,” she wrote, before adding that the dance show and music played during the event were ‘disturbing’.

It wasn’t just the BDO organisers who had their hearts set on Bdo – some of them also set up their own website and Facebook page.