Power prices on the rise at banks as credit spreads to new heights

With the ECB taking aim at mortgage interest rates and other lending methods, German banks are facing a growi출장ng number of concerns over their business models and risk tolerance.

“We have already experienced a high level of stress because of a lot of uncertainty about Europe’s future,” said Martin Pahlmann, chief economist with Deutsche Bank Germany.

Deutsche Bank’s fears have been heightened by the fall in the value of the Swiss franc, but it said it was still on track to cover its annual costs for a few years more.

Luxembourg’s National Bank on Monday lowered its rate forecasts for next year after reports that the Swiss Franc was at a record low last Friday. A bank sp모나코 카지노okesman said: “What really caused us the concern is the weakness in the Swiss franc.”

The bank샌즈 카지노 said that if the Swiss Franc falls further, then it would increase its risks.